Research facility reaches new heights

A new hub for Arctic Explorers

Arctic explorers and scientists have a new home: the Nellie Cournoyea Arctic Research Facility located on the fifth floor of the Wallace Building, with the Centre for Earth Observation Science, at the University of Manitoba’s Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources.

The 60,000-square-foot facilities house specialized laboratories, state-of-the-art instruments, and classrooms needed to accommodate the influx of graduate students and researchers coming to the University as a result of the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC), held by Søren Rysgaard.

The CERC team is working together to uncover the mysteries of climate change hidden deep within the Arctic ice. This group consists of more than 100 researchers and graduate students studying and learning collaboratively both here and at the Greenland Climate Research Centre.

Already a world leader in this important area, the University of Manitoba is poised to further its reputation as one of the world’s premier institutions focused on understanding climate change and its impact on the environment, people and animals.

Advancing Together

Transformational Partnerships Beneficial to Business and the University


The University of Manitoba’s new Transformational Partnerships initiative is a world-leading approach that puts Intellectual Property (IP) into the hands of companies at the time collaborative research begins.

The initiative takes a bold approach to creating, protecting and developing IP. It’s a more flexible and nimble response to industry that helps companies move products to market more quickly.

The partnerships developed will strengthen the economy of our city, our province and move research beyond our borders for global benefit.

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A Doctor, A Director

U of M Professor Appointed as Scientific Director

Director of IMHA

Internationally recognized rheumatologist Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy has an impressive repertoire of responsibilities at the U of M. He is a professor of medicine and immunology, a senior clinician scientist at the University of Manitoba, and now the new Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis.

Dr. El-Gabalawy’s research focuses on developing effective strategies for detecting and preventing lifelong progressive diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. He has published landmark studies on the causes of early arthritis, and recently established a unique First Nations cohort to study gene-environment interactions in the early phase of arthritis.

Research into complex and pervasive diseases is never easy, but when any cure could bring relief to millions, our researchers are always ready to take on a national role in addressing the challenges.

The Operating Chair

U of M Establishes First Ever Chair in Surgical Research

Thorlakson Chair

In 2013, the University of Manitoba announced the first ever chair in surgical research: the Thorlakson Chair. A $1.5-million donation by the Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Foundation Fund established this chair, along with matching funds contributed by faculty members in the university’s Department of Surgery.

Dr. Richard Keijzer, assistant professor of Pediatric General Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine, and principal investigator at the Manitoba Institute of Child Health, was named the Thorlakson Chair in Surgical Research. The chair will help Dr. Keijzer further establish his independent research program and promote and strengthen research within the Department of Surgery.

The new chair will attract top clinical scientists to our university, thus improving surgical outcomes for patients everywhere.

Two of the Best

Two U of M Professors Nationally Recognized

Top 100 Women

In December 2012, two U of M professors received prestigious awards for the groundbreaking work they lead in their industries, organizations and community. Dr. Janice Ristock and Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg were named to the Women’s Executive Network’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

Dr. Ristock, a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Vice-Provost of Academic Affairs, was recognized for her work on how gender and sexuality have changed society’s view of domestic abuse.

Dr. Rockman-Greenberg, a professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, and Biochemisty and Medical Genetics, and principal investigator at the Manitoba Institute of Child Health was recognized for identifying the importance of molecular medicine. She was the driving force behind the opening of the first lab in Winnipeg for the diagnosis of genetic disease with DNA testing.

While a Toronto-based organization selected the professors, their work draws the nation’s attention to Manitoba.

Canada Excellence Research Chair

The University holds one of the world’s most generous and prestigious research chairs – the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC). Dr. Søren Rysgaard (Environment and Geography), is the CERC in Arctic Geomicrobiology and Climate Change.

Canada Research Chairs

The University had one new and five renewed Canada Research Chairs (CRC) in 2012-13, bringing the institutional total to 43 CRCs.

Dr. Salah Mahmud (Community Health Sciences) is the newly appointed Tier 2 chair in Pharmacoepidemiology and Vaccine Evaluation. Through the study of widely used medications, Dr. Mahmud will use epidemiological methods to find ways of reducing the risk of developing and dying from common cancers and infections.

The five renewed CRCs include:

Dr. Diana Brydon (English, Film and Theatre) Tier 1 CRC in Globalization and Cultural Studies

Dr. Warren Cariou (English, Film and Theatre) Tier 2 CRC in Narrative, Community and Indigenous Cultures

Dr. Michelle Driedger (Community Health Sciences) Tier 2 CRC in Environment and Health Risk Communication

Dr. Grant Hatch (Pharmacology and Therapeutics/Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Manitoba Institute of Child Health) Tier 1 CRC in Molecular Cardiolipin Metabolism.

Dr. Peter Jones (Food Science) Tier 1 CRC in Nutrition and Functional Foods.